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Electronic File Transfer

We offer 1, 2, 4 or 12 pay eft payment plans all with NO billing fees. Contact your agent to discuss changing your billing method.

Farm Insurance

Because your farm is more than just your livelihood, let us take as much pride in it as you do.
Farm Fire Safety and Prevention
Your farm is uniquely yours, and we tailor your policy for your specific needs

We've been insuring farmers since 1879, and making sure you're protected is what we do best. Buckeye understands your farm is your business, let us help you protect your investment. Buckeye offers a variety of coverages and deductibles that offer you the best protection for your farm. We don't use a "standard" package, instead we offer the flexibility to choose the coverage that meets your unique needs. Our local agents can guide you on selecting the best policy for you. Contact a local agent today and learn more about what Buckeye has to offer.